Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fried rice for lazy days

Jacklyn, a reader of this blog, emailed us to share her recipe. Many thanks, Jacklyn!

Fried rice for lazy days

To serve 2-3,you need:
a. 2/3 - 1 full cup of rice -remember to cook rice first!
b. 2-3 eggs -beat and add a little pepper
c. half a can of luncheon meat
d. some cabbage-optional or any other vegetable
e. mixed vegetables-portion up to you
f. and this is the most important secret ingredient! one can of...Spicy Pork Cubes.

Just fry the items in this order:
Heat a little oil in the pan.
a. cabbage/vegetable
b. eggs
c. luncheon meat
d. mixed vegetables
e. Spicy Pork Cubes
f. rice

Toss and fry till rice has been evenly cooked. And Serve!


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