Saturday, September 23, 2006

boeuf bourguignon

whoever claimed that french cooking is feminine wasn't offering you the complete truth . this is one machismo pot for the guys...filled with rump , belly pork and bacon brewed in a full-bodied alcoholic broth :

note : i admit that this one is initially complicated but on the upside , it'll feed you for days (as long as you can take it lar)

what you need ar ?

1.5 kg beef rump (cubed...and ya...i made this is bulk adjust accordingly hor)
1 bottle of wine ( use a robust wine...which means you can rule out the sweeter ones...i.e. merlots and blends...i used a shiraz )
5 tablespoons rum (okay...this was supposed to be brandy...but rum's a good substitute)
bunch of thyme
bunch of rosemary
2 bay leaves

250 g belly pork
250 g bacon

2 heaped tablespoons flour
1 tablespoon ground allspice
1 large white onion
2 whole garlics , cloves crushed
salt and pepper to taste

bunch of grapes

how liao ?

in your pot , marinade the beef rump cubes overnight with the wine (make sure every piece gets some hor...don't should use just over half the bottle) , thyme , rosemary (don't use too much hor...just five small sprigs of each will do) and 2 bay leaves .

the next day , transfer the beef somewhere else and reserve the marinade as well . powder the beef with the flour and ground allspice mix . set aside for now .

skin the belly pork and cook it in the pot in its on juices (use some lard / oil if needed) until lightly browned on each side . remove and set aside .

in the same pot , briskly sear the bacon slices . remove and set aside .

introduce the chopped onion and crushed garlic cloves into the pot . do not brown hor .

after all those annoying baby steps , add everything that was set aside earlier into the pot including the marinade . let this simmer for 2-3 hours . add wine , salt and pepper if needed .

after the required time , remove the herbs (which will probably seem disgusting by now) and serve with some red grapes (erm...i added this myself...but i really think grapes go well here) . boeuf bourguignon is also perfect with pommes de terre mousseline .

bear in mind that the sauce is not a mild alcoholic haha...don't be taken aback by it's rich strength .

bon appetit.


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