Tuesday, September 05, 2006

butterscotch pancakes

if i were ever to make breakfast in bed for someone , pancakes would be ideal . you could score some points with your loved one by making them from scratch eh ? the ingredients are cheap , they're too simple to make , they taste sinfully wonderful and they're great for light meals as well :

what you need ar?

for the pancake :

1 cup plain flour (measured after sifting)
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 egg
1 cup milk
2 teaspoons of melted butter

for the butterscotch sauce :
2/3 cup brown sugar , lightly packed
2/3 cup cream
2 teaspoons of butter
a dash of vanilla essence (optional)

how liao ?

in a bowl , mix the flour and baking powder well . crack an egg into the mix and stir some more . add the milk and whisk to a near smooth consistency (minimize the flour blobs hor but don't need to whisk until blobs aren't visible anymore lor ) . for a final touch to the batter , add the melted butter (you can do this just by melting butter in a teaspoon over a stove hor) . give it a final whisk and you're batter's ready lor .

to prepare your the pancakes ar , simply line a pan with butter and fry about four tablespoons of batter per pancake over a low fire . flip when they seem easily mobile (not stuck to the pan lor) . it should take no more than 40 seconds per side hor . the batter should provide you a six pancake stack with just a tablespoon to spare . just nice for two people (or one of me) .

for the sauce , simply heat the brown sugar , cream and butter in a pan for at least five minutes over a low fire (same fire as for pancakes lor) . it should have a nice creamy consistency and leave your house smelling all sweet and heavenly . turn off the fire and add the vanilla essence , watch it sizzle and enjoy the fragrance . pour the sauce over your pancake stack liao .

serve with scoops of ice cream if you want (like i did with my experimental batch awhile ago) :

i bet you're drooling already aren't you ?


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HazyBiatch said...

Looks really great!

hobart said...

thank you :)

::Jacklyn:: said...

hi,was blog surfing and chanced upon yr blog. saw some recipes that i'm interested to try-during the upcoming spring break tt rushing essays like mad. =)

oh ya,i'm a sg in uni melb too! see ya ard..and thanks 4 sharing =p

koume said...

Wow. I think whoever is your girl will never go hungry. My guy should undergo an intensive training cooking class conducted by you. HahA.

hobart said...

hey ya jacklyn...glad you stumbled upon this humble recipe spot :) let us know how the recipes go for ya...hopefully they'll all be good . good luck for your essays for now...i totally understand the stress heh

ahh...another melbuni student...perhaps will see ya around sometime...and you're welcome :)

hobart said... comments...erm...ya...i guess those girls who don't want to go hungry can look for us ? not so good as to provide intensive training hor haha...perhaps you train him lar :P