Sunday, November 13, 2005

Breakfast Anyone?

Recently , i was reminiscing my childhood...and then suddenly one particular memory stood out. Maybe i was just hungry in the morning , but i recalled how dad used to carry me up as a child on a wooden four-legged stool (which i couldn't climb because it was just as big as me then) to watch him fry french toasts in a chinese wok...haha...i remember watching intently as he dipped the bread slices into his mix and then transforming them into frangrantly golden delicacies. Fuah , my mouth watering already . That , i believe , was the first time i was exposed to cooking...and strangely also the only thing dad knew how to cook (don't ask me why...i never asked)...the rest of my kitchen training...credits to mum lor...and that is another story i shall not disgress to.

Despite my sudden cravings for french toast , i didn't call dad to steal his recipe , probably because in Malaysian time , he would be busy (which will land me in scoldings hor) and i doubt that he remembers because i haven't had his french toast in years...i can't even remember when the last time was.

And so , i turned to someone i was certain knew how to make french toasts...heh heh...and i think i pestered her annoyingly in the process...sorry.

Anyway , here's how to make french toast...loads of it in fact...good for the morning boost before work / study with excerpts of me pestering dear Melissa on MSN (i put her words in pink because she types in pink...haha) :

haha...okie...which wan are u more confident in ? pancakes or french toast?

french toast i guess
ok...where is this heading to?

(sniggers evilly) haha...just curious...i'm thinking of trying and posting a breakfast recipe...since i "wake up" damn early nowadays...mind sharing?

errrr well i just generally toss things in and then i taste

i dont actually have a recepie
and spelt tt wrong
egs sugar milk and bread


hmm...approximation...true style :)...haha...and yes u did...but as long as we understand each other thats fine...try to remember how much u put? (subtly digging more info)

errr crap i really don't know

eggs depends on how much youre making

milk depends on how soggy you like your french toast
i like mine super soggy


and sugar depends on how sweet u like it

i dont eat mine with like syrup or anythign so it tends to be sweet
then fry in butter until it turns a nice color
oh ya the length u soak the bread depends on how soft u want it to be

after this , i started getting annoying in asking for specific quantifcation of ingredients. So, i said my apologies and then based on the newly gained pearls of wisdom , i came up with this :

yeild for 5 pieces of thick slice white bread = 10 pieces of triangular french toast = 1 days worth of breakfast = yes i know i eat quite a bit :

3 eggs
1 cup of standard metric cup = 250 ml
1 tbs sugar per thick slice white bread = heaps of sugar and sweet enough to keep you sugar high for the morning...please cut down if diabetic...or don't put any at all if you don't have a sweet tooth...i don't want to get sued.
and some butter for frying.

How ar? aiya...this recipe is so easy even a kid can make it...just beat the eggs in a bowl , add the milk , stir , add sugar , stir , dip bread in mix and then fry on butter until it turns nicely golden...

how to get it beautifully golden? generosity with butter (try frying both sides with different parts of your pan each time and making sure both parts for frying are generously laced with butter for every piece) + patience + fire control = simple and yummylicious.

Oh...and i found out i prefer my french toast super soggy too...heh.


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