Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Better than Campbells (TM) mushroom soup

When i was a kid, campbell's mushroom soup was a regular feature on the dinner table. We would have campbell's mushroom soup at least once a week, especially if it was american dinner day. That was the day we had western food for dinner - roast chicken, with mash potatoes and salad. And mushroom soup. And it always had to be campbells. Once we tried Heinz and it really really sucked! Then i grew up and found out how to make cream of mushroom soup on my own. It's super easy, and super cheap. I made this version with extremely budget stuff. Clearance mushrooms, homebrand cream and homebrand soup stock.

What you need:
2 - 3 large mushrooms, chopped (finely, if you don't have a hand blender)
150 ml of cream (that's half a small bottle of cream)
1 tsp beef stock powder / cube
250 ml water
Pepper to taste
Olive oil
Chopped fresh parsley to garnish

In a pot, heat olive oil on a slow fire and fry the mushrooms. When the mushrooms look wet, add a pinch of salt. If you've chopped the mushrooms finely, add salt immediately. Add cream and use blend to the consistency you want (I use a hand blender). Top up with beef stock and water, add pepper to taste and parsley to garnish. Serve with bread.


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