Wednesday, August 09, 2006

mini strawberry tarts

from my recent recipes , most people might misintepret me as someone who only relishes in greedily gobbling inhumane portions of food . that is just a misconception hor . i am also well known as an epitome of sweet toothed individuals . i delight in desserts as well . a few weeks back , i happened to catch a show on tv where the chef made a simple raspberry tart . what struck me was not only its tempting appearance...but her ingenuity . so , here , i try to recreate her simplicity with strawberries (only because it's still winter here and they're hardly any other fruits to work with...if any ) .

what you need ar ?

100 grams mascarpone cheese .
100 ml thick cream .
2 teaspoons caster sugar or 2 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk .
juice of half an orange ( i used a navel orange )
3-4 strawberries (depending on their size...mine were giganormous) .
3 large round digestive biscuits ( i used mcvities chocolate digestive cookies ) .

the measurements above make three to four mini-tarts .

how liao ?

in a bowl , whisk the mascarpone cheese , cream and sugar / sweetened condensed milk together . dice one strawberries per intended tart ( i.e. three in this case ) and add those along with the orange juice into the mix . whisk more to ensure everything's well mixed but not to the point where you mash the strawberries hor . if you aren't confident on being gentle , then forgo the whisk . just use a spoon lor . next , just plate the mixture onto your biscuit bases . decorate with quatered stawberries atop each mini-tart . refridgerate for some time and serve chilled . enjoy .


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