Monday, August 07, 2006

beer battered steak

most guys will agree with me that a cold beer always provides soothing comfort after a long , hard day . more will agree that a good steak always translates into a hearty meal . i stared at my stash of beer in the fridge ( i'm one of those who feels that the house is empty without at least a six pack sitting in the fridge) . then i diverted my attention to the fresh meat beside it and thought , why not combine both ?

what you need ar ?

serves two normal people , one of me . haha .

2 scotch fillet steaks (about 250-300 grams each) .
4 teaspoons ground black pepper .
1 tablespoon of oil .
5 mushrooms ( left whole or chopped is your choice . for this recipe , i prefer them whole ) .
200 ml tomato based pasta sauce (yeah...i cheated...i was too lazy to mix tomato paste and some herbs together plus there was a bottle of unused leggo's napoletana sitting on my table haha...if you do want to do it the original way i thought of...mix the same amount of tomato paste with some fresh basil and rosemary . )
1 bottle of beer ( i used carlton draught...really any beer that's not too bitter will do ) .
1 medium red onion , diced .

how liao ?

easy peasy lor . season the steaks with some of the ground black pepper ( i don't think i have to pester and recommend sarawak pepper hor ? ) . then seal the steaks by searing them on a pan / grill for a minute on each side . it should look similar to this hor :

after that , simply heat up the pasta sauce / tomato paste with herbs and cook the mushrooms as well as the onions with it in a small pot (not a shallow pan hor) . bringing it to a boil , add a quarter of the bottle of beer (now...don't be so excited until you add the whole bottle will become too solute) . chuck in the steaks and let cook ( pot uncovered) for at least ten minutes ( remember to put your beer in the fridge hor or sip it while you wait but make sure you have some left ) . if you're afraid you've boiled all your beer away , fear not . hear the final step...the secret to all sauces involving alcohol (beer or wine or whatever) is to daringly dash the alcohol just before you serve to preserve its flavour . so just as you switch the fire off , dash some of that beer and watch it sizzle . smell the flavour and gobble immediately with the rest of the beer . cheers .


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