Tuesday, August 15, 2006

kolo mee recipe

i believe this particular recipe has been long awaited for . thus , i shall cut to the chase . want a more entertaining story ? visit my other blog ler .

what you need ar ?

100 grams noodles (preferably hand made) .
5 tablespoons lard .
1 tablespoon finely chopped shallots .
1 tablespoon light soy sauce .
2 teaspoons m.s.g. a.k.a ajinomoto . ( update : i think it's best to cut down the m.s.g. some more...not very healthy hor ? i think one teaspoon will do fine...but if you're not that afraid , use two teaspoons lor )
25 grams of mince pork .
a few slices of char siu (roast pork) .
some chopped spring onion .

and on the sides...small fresh chilli and diluted lime juice .

how liao ?

bear in mind kolo mee ingredients are normally produced in making only one portion as such will result in many leftovers ( useful nevertheless ) .

i understand lard may be unavailable in the markets . so how ? render your own lor ( i did ) . it's basically heating pork fat ( cheap stuff ) in a pot with careful additions of water ( so that it doesn't dry up ) until all that's left in your pot is a viscous yellow substance that will harden into a creamy brick when left out cold too long ( leaving a yummy smell lingering in your home ) . you may improvise with other oils , but i can safely say that there are no proper substitutes for lard .

once you have lard , heat two tablespoons of it onto a pan , and fry the finely chopped shallots ( or you can cheat by buying those packets of fried shallots from asian groceries and adding the same amount as stated ) . fry until fragrant and chuck in some mince pork ( seasoned with a pinch of m.s.g. ) . once the mince pork is cooked , do not throw the oil away . there should still be a yield of about a tablespoon .

in your bowl , mix together 2-3 tablespoons of lard , 1 tablespoon light soy sauce ( please do not use dark soy sauce...your noodles will be transformed into black noodles ) and 1 and a half teaspoons of m.s.g....then also add the lard leftover from the mince pork / shallot frying . that particularly flavoured lard , i believe , is the secret behind the flavour of kolo mee .

cook your noodles in rapid boiling water for about two minutes and chuck them into your bowl .

top the noodles with the mince pork/shallot , char siu and spring onion . serve with the chilli / diluted lime juice too . and don't forget , for all authenticity , make sure you use THE chicken bowl...that's optional of course haha . enjoy heartily with a glass of teh c peng ( if you know how to make it ) . mmm...

oh...and for those of you wondering why some kolo mee have a slightly red colouring , i suspect it's from the char siu itself or perhaps , a little bit of char siu sauce .


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noelbynature said...

wah lau eh! that's a lot of msg! sure cannot eat every day one

hobart said...

wahaha...ya...actually i like a lot of taste ar...don't need so much teaspoon can already...i scared people complain my kolo mee no taste ar .

Anonymous said...

better we'd say, msg are required when needed or else like put msg is an optional.... maybe this will relief 'em..

hobart said...

haha...msg is NOT optional...the quantity is. trust me...kolo mee without msg...tastes like...flour and fat . i've had kolo mee for at least a decade now...and i'll never give it up :P

Anonymous said...

great post... i cannot wait to try it tonight. Being abroad for years makes me try to re-create our favorite local food. Thx for the recipe again.

SirSC said...

remind me of my kolok mee from miri !
same bowl, same mee, same chili potong, and only not will black sauce!
im in melbourne also!
where do you study?

Gloria said...

I am SO worshiping you for this recipe! I've been dying slowly from lack of kolo mee over here.

hobart said...

i don't know how old these comments are but ,

sirsc , if you're still wondering , i used to study in the university of melbourne . "used" is the key word .

and gloria , all you have to do is return home to kuching just to eat the original . worshipping me is useless haha .

Anonymous said...

this is awesome! woohoo!