Sunday, April 09, 2006

Number Three part 2&3

I bet you thought i had forgotten...haha...i just decided i should do a two for one know... buy one get one free?

so here are the remaining lamb recipes...

feast your eyes on the lamb cutlets at the bottom of the plate (or 4 to 8 o'clock of my rosemary clock) from the picture of the previous post...and you'll see one of my favourite yet all so simple recipes i stole from mum :

sour spicy lamb

what you need ar?

marinade :
1tbs soy sauce per cutlet
1 clove chopped garlic per cutlet
1 ts pepper per cutlet (again...Sarawak pepper is highly recommended...and yes...there is a difference as testified by everyone who has tested my food...haha)

so simple...decide how much sauce you want...divide that amount into two part tomato sauce and one part chilli sauce...but bear in mind to get good quality chilli sauce...none of those sweet chilli ones hor and those that are actually hot hor.

how leh?

just marinade the lamb for at least half an hour , grill and then fry with sauce over high heat so the sauce sticks...but make sure you don't burn your lamb .

now...look at the lamb rack...the one that occupies the 12 to 4 o'clock partition of my rosemary clock and you will see sweet chilli mint lamb rack

what you need ar?

marinade :
1 tbs sweet chilli sauce (preferably the thai one) per cutlet in rack
1/2 ts of fresh mint leaves chopped per cutlet in rack
a touch of fresh rosemary
1/4 ts ground black pepper per cutlet in rack

even simpler...almost identical to the marinade but simpler...just decide how much you want...and heat that amount of sweet chilli sauce over low heat in a pan...add freshly chopped mint leaves to desired taste...or if you're lazy , just make more marinde and heat the leftovers as the sauce.

how leh?

lamb racks take a bit longer to cook/grill (obviously)...i suggest as with all my grillings to set the oven at 180 degrees celsius for 4 minutes per side and then raise to 220 degrees celsius till desired doneness. serve with hot sauce :)

coming up...beef recipes next week :)


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