Monday, April 10, 2006

Heaven Bestows Land with Abundant Harvest

Yo! Wassup Babes & Dudes!!! I know I should be profusely apologizing to Noel for being MIA for so long, but what the heck, I guess I’ll just try to redeem myself by putting up new recipes for 2006. So here we go… Alright, my New Year resolution (you absolutely know that this never works, but since everyone does it anyway)… is to kick my bad habit of trying out recipes and not grabbing the cam before I shove into my mouth (or others for that matter). I’m counting you guys to keep me straight on this resolution, so keep supporting us!

Okay, to be true to the spirit of traditional Chinese culinary, I shall be naming my dishes using traditional, flowery language (just thought I oughta warn ya).

Heaven Bestows Land with Abundant Harvest (aka Sliced Pork and Greens)

This dish is so simple to make. It’ll blow your mind!


2 tablespoon of Teriyaki marinade (or teriyaki sauce)

2 tablespoon of Oyster sauce

2 tablespoon of water

1 teaspoon Corn flour

Sugar (to taste)

Carrots (julienne)

Long beans (sliced diagonally)

Garlic (you can put more if you prefer, but I’d recommend minimum of 2 cloves)

1-2 tablespoon of finely grated ginger (then again, adding more causes no one harm)

2 Scallions (aka spring onions)

Pork fillet (for 4 servings I’d recommend 200g- 250g of meat)

1 tablespoon of sesame oil

Cooking instructions:

  1. Preparing the sauce: First, combine these ingredients in a bowl. Add the teriyaki sauce, oyster sauce, water and corn flour in a bowl. Also, add a pinch of sugar for flavouring. Mix well and put it aside. Note: if using teriyaki sauce that is watery rather than thick, add more corn flour to create a thicker sauce.
  2. Next, mince the garlic and finely grate 1-2 tablespoon worth of ginger. Cut the scallions diagonally into 4-inch pieces. Put it aside as well.
  3. Slice the pork fillets into thin slices (we really want them to cook fast). Heat up about 2-3 tablespoons of oil into a frying pan and swirl the oil around the inside of the pan to prevent the meat from sticking. Stir fry the meat until its brown or almost cooked. Be careful not to overcook it otherwise the meat will be tough. Dish out the cooked meat and put it aside.
  4. Reheat the pan and add 2 tablespoons of oil and sesame oil. Stir the two oils. When the oil is reasonable hot, stir fry the garlic and shredded ginger for 1 minute. Add the scallions, green beans, carrots and stir fry it for a minute or two until it’s soften slightly. Throw in the pre-cooked meat and sauce and simmer it until the meat is done. Dish it out and ©Walah! you have your mouth-watering dish that smells just like the one served by that restaurant just down the road.


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this blog kicks ass!

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