Saturday, April 01, 2006

Number Three part 1

My internet's back up liao . Hobart's perpetual "online"ness is back...heh heh...which also equals the return of my air time in this promised to Noel hor :)

What the crap is number three?

A couple of weeks back , i was talking to my housemate about the lack of meat in our diet other than chicken lor due to the neighbourhood we now live in . That very night , the thought combined with my lust to cook again resulted in an epiphany in my dreams . It was so vivid i couldn't stop thinking about it until the night i cooked it . In my dreams , i saw three different kinds of meat with each type of meat cooked in three different ways . Confused ? It's just a combination of not one or two or three but nine recipes altogether...three of pork , three of beef and three of lamb...wahaha...and none of chicken . So after inviting my normal special guest for dinner , i set out to cook this feast lor .

So over the span of three weeks , i shall deliver nine recipes altogether , three per week , starting with my first of the lambs :

oregano lamb (the one that is pictured at the upper right corner above...or at the 8 to 12 o'clock of my rosemary clock) :

what you need ar? (for 3 cutlets)
fresh bunch of rosemary
fresh bunch of oregano
3 lamb cutlets
half a lemon
lots of olive oil
a touch of pepper
a touch of salt

How to make leh?

so simple a kid can do it lar . First , marinade the lamb cutlets in a simple marinade of sufficient oregano (hand-shred these till you can smell about 1 1/2 teaspoon of shredded oregano per cutlet) , rosemary (about 1/2 teaspoon per cutlet) , pepper ( a teaspoon per cutlet) , salt (1/4 teaspoon per cutlet) , olive oil ( about a tablespoon per cutlet) and the juice of a half a lemon . Let this sit for at least half an hour before grilling in pan / cooking in preheated oven to desired taste . Heat remains of marinade to glaze le cooked lamb cutlets . Serve immediately :)


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Johnny Malkavian said...

isn't 'normal special guest' kinda like an oxymoron?

yx said...

GREAT idea for a blog.
i'm in sydney and i'm sick of porridge and indomee! (and take-aways are so bloody expensive)

hobart said...

johnny malkavian : haha...yeah it is...but refers to someone i always invite for new she's my only special guest...normal referring to the fact its always her.

vx : thanks man...hope you get some inspiration from here :)