Monday, October 24, 2005

Eunice's apple and pork bake

Eunice is my housemate, and this is kinda her signature dish. So here she is in her own words... (okay lah, i just cut and paste her email)

cinnamon sugar
pepper and chilli powder if you want.
olive oil.

(don ask me about the proportaions..its guesstimation..)

fry onions in olive oil.. use quite a fair bit of olive oil.cos you need to
drench the pork chops and apple slices with it...
just add salt, cinnammon sugar.. pepper and all the powder stuff to the
and only cinnamon sugar on the apple slices.. make sure eveything is covered
with olive oil..if not it'll get burnt in the oven.. bake for about 35-45
mins depending on how many chops you have...min 35 for one.. so.. just put everything on a baking tray and bake it!!!

thats it...

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The Legal Janitor said...

hey, someone submitted you guys to, and I've voted to publish. 1 more vote and it will be out.

Great blog!

Btw, you people are in Meowbum too yah?

noelbynature said...

yup. we're meowbummers, mostly studying in meowbumuniversity. glad you like it. =)

The Legal Janitor said...

I'm in Meowbumuniversity too!

hobart said... glad to know another Meowbummer liked our blog...somemore in Meowbumuniversity and vote for us...

sway said...

rofl. Hello Noel. Now you have something else that you can claim to fame about. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. I read the post and burst out laughing.

bec (the 1st person you met in australia and who also linked you in the send noel to malta thing. )