Monday, July 28, 2008

Fragrant Garlic & Chicken Rice

Another favorite from home!

Fragrant Garlic & Chicken Rice

(Makes 3 cups of rice)

2 cloves garlic chopped finely
3 lap cheong (Chinese sausage) sliced
3 cups cooked rice
8 or more chicken wings (chopped into smaller pieces if you like)
Minced ginger
Dark soy sauce
Oyster sauce

1. Marinade chicken wings in soy sauce and peppper.

2. Fry garlic until golden brown. Set aside.

3. Fry lap cheong, add a teaspoon of minced ginger then set aside.

4. Remove chicken wings from marinade and fry until brown. Make sure you fry the wings on a medium to low fire to avoid burning the wings. Add some dark sauce for colour and a dash of oyster sauce.

5. When chicken is cooked and fragrant, add cooked rice to the chicken. Pour in garlic and lap cheong and mix well until fragrant. The trick to this dish is to flatten the rice, allow it to burn a bit, stir, then flatten again. It'll make your rice crispy.

6. Season to taste with soy sauce. Voila!

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noelbynature said...

Haha, yah I think cooking is quite the therapeutic. No one else but us poor students (again) cooking lah. Couscous? Very simple to prepare what - all you really need is a good stock (chicken or veg) and somne butter or olive oil. The rest of the seasonings can be up to you. Tomato and cumin work. So does orange and parsley.

Celine said...

Alamak. Give me proper recipe lah! I've never cooked couscous before! Do almonds and raisins go into a couscous? I'm thinking of a more salad-y like thingo.