Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I spent 3 1/2 hours reading my management notes, preparing dinner and dancing away to music as I stood stirring this precious pot all afternoon.
What's so precious? you ask...
It's Kaya. The word "Kaya" means "rich" in the Malay language, and RICH is definitely a good word to represent its yummy sweet gooey-ness ! In culinary terms, Kaya would be described as a Malay spread of Egg curd/jam.
In Malaysian-student-studying-abroad terms, Kaya= MmmMmmmmm!*YUM!!*

I'm usually all for fast and easy recipes; the type of person who would try cooking/defrosting/baking almost everything in the microwave to see if it works quicker that way! *laughs* I'm still bewildered by how I refused to work that same way this morning. I browsed and took apart 8 or more Kaya recipes online and from books. I tweaked my proportions a little according to reviews and Kaya-making tips available to reduce the sugar and cholesterol levels without destroying the recipes completely.

1 1/2 cup sugar
1 1/3 coconut milk - try to get freshly squeezed milk (canned worked fine for me too *shrug*)
5 eggs (XL size)- use very FRESH eggs

Beat eggs and sugar till well blended. Cook in a slow cooker over low heat. When slightly thickened, pour in coconut milk in a thin stream. Stir well until liquid mixture is thick and gooey. The color should have changed from yellow to a darker shade in 1-2 hours of constant stirring. Look for a recipe you can do in the microwave if you're feeling lazy. Google is gold. *wink*

*sigh* My end product was SOoo VERY satisfying....stirring Kaya in my slowcooker continuously for hours was frustrating but there wasn't any other way to achieve deliciously smooth, silky Kaya!I decided to share my Kaya with several Malaysian friends who lived nearby to try making it worth my trouble. I would eat my Kaya on a slice of toast for breakfast in the morning; but I wouldn't touch Kaya out of jars available at Asian supermarkets...
After having a go at making my own; and shivering at the cup loads of sugar....I wonder what goes into manufactured Kaya which tastes a WHOLE lot sweeter and is BROWN....mine is yellow...cup and cups of sugar caramelizing was done to achieve its dark rich color. *shudder*
I made several strips of butter-y puff pastry as a delicious accompaniment to our freshly made Kaya. Dessert was simply divine!...*sigh* heavenly....*licks lips*


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cookies_cream said...

kaya~~~ Sooo long never eat them with bread or biscuits already. It's my fav when I'm young..used to eat the kaya on its own.yummylicious~! =) Can I use a normal pot instead of a slow cooker?

Su-Yin said...

hey cookies and could, but I would suggest a double boiler...just to make sure it doesnt burn when you run off to do something else~ haha...COok it on really low heat if you can :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Su-Yin, Excellent stuff! Have to try it after the exams :P how did you make the butter Y-puffs?

Anonymous said...

Hey! im the same ben from Kuching currently studying in Melbourne... WAH! really.. your efforts and your personality blow me away...wah! I just had to stop studyin for my papers on Monday and check out your blog.. EXCELLENT! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...


there are few qns i want to ask.u mentioned cup of sugar and coconut milk? what is your amount for 1cup? mls? did u add any oil in cooking kaya? u mentioned using slow yr slow cooker non-stick or? pls help.