Sunday, April 24, 2005

I had a craving for prawns.... I could imagine the succulent taste of freshly cooked prawns as it created ripples of tingling feelings as it danced on my taste buds... *Sighs in ecstasy*

I decided to try a famous but simple recipe from my lil Sis (thanx sis!! ^_^)
Today's dish is *drums rolling* Butter Prawns!!!

Step right up boys and girls...


Prawns (DUH)

1. Buy fresh, uncooked prawns!! Don't be a cheapskate.
2. Decapitate its head and remove shells up to the tail.
3. Slice across the underbelly and de-vein the prawns. Open the flaps and spread it. Take the tail and bend it backwards (like a scorpion's tail).
4. Marinate prawns with sugar and add pinches of salt (to taste, for a spicy flavour add cracked black pepper)
5. Heat pan. Turn fire to low heat and add butter. Place the acrobatic prawns flat side down.
6. Do not overcook the prawns as flattened surface allows the prawn to cook fast. Flip the prawn on its side for a minute and repeat it with the other side.
7. Get creative and create ur own masterpiece of a garnish. Serve warm.


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