Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dough-boy speaks

Hi everyone, I must say I have been away for quite a long while.
Updated my profile and I'm making a comeback with more budget meals.

I have been experimenting on quite a number of dishes which includes Sayur Lodeh, Salt n Pepper Chicken Ribs (to give Rose Garden Melb a run for their money, as if)
Vietnamese Pho and on Bun Bo Hue after my exams.
Some of these are more of a challenge, because the time and accuracy to tastes can be rather complex.
But of course there are the upcoming budget meals from me.
I will show you some of the quickest healthy lunches which I prep to have at the office.

currently 17Deg

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1 comment:

noelbynature said...

holy smoke Austin! it's been ages! looking forward to the salt and pepper chicken. =D