Saturday, October 15, 2005

Teochew Steamed Fish

Okay, I know this is a blog for poor students on a "budget". But I thought, growing children should eat healthy too. Besides, if you order a steam fish in a resturant, it's going to cost a bomb.

So, here is the Teochew styled Steamed Fish.

Get a small SeaBass (they call it Baramundi here), wash it well (clean gutted area and make sure its scaled) then slice the sides of the fish (for easy cooking). You’ll need carrot, ginger, dried mushrooms, salted vegetable, salted prune, chilli and spring onions.

* Traditionally, Teochew resturants will use Pomfret, but I prefer Baramundi.

Slice a couple of carrots thick and place on a plate for steaming. After that, rest the fish on it. The carrot elevates the fish so that the steam can get under the other side of the fish. Use the remaining carrots to garnish on top (or around) of the fish.

Next, slice chunks of ginger and stuff it under the gutted stomach. Use more ginger strips to put on top of your fish.

Soak a couple of dried mushrooms with hot water on a small bowl. After about half hour or more, remove the dried mushroom and slice it. Again, sprinkle around and on the top of your fish. Remember to save the soaking liquid of the mushroom.

Sliced the salted vegetable and soak it for about 15 mins, changing the water at least twice. So that the salted vegetable won’t be that salty. Also, decorate the salted vegetable on the fish.

Take about 2 salted prune from the jar and remove the seed. Cut each prune into quarters and place it around the fish. This gives the steam fish a nice soury taste.

Finally, garnish with slice chilli. Pour a capful of chinese wine over fish (be generous) as well as pepper.

Season the liquid of the mushroom with some chicken stock powder(cheat) and more pepper. Pour the liquid over the fish. And you are ready to steam the fish.

My grandma taught me that when the eyes of the fish popped out, It’s ready. Alternatively, if u see the eye turning white, it also means its cooked.

Final garnish with spring onions and serve with steamed jasmine rice.

* I love this dish because, there is soup and all the garnish can be eaten. It's a well balanced diet.

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Anonymous said...

this is the exactly traditional teo chew steam fish recipe that i have been looking for... and i m going to try it tomoro for "dong zhi" festival...

thank you..

lyd said...

Hahaha.... this is Lyd..
I am having a craving for a teochew steamed fish recipe and was looking for and found this and discovered that it is yours....
weird right? I am going to try this tomorrow... thanks lots :) looks yummy too