Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Pork Stomach Soup

Noel asked me today to contribute to this site. And since I'm a housewife (aka unemployed) and loves to eat (almost everything), I should know a thing or two on saving grocery money.

So, this is a story about my attempt to make Pork Stomach Soup.
(Pork Stomach - 70cents)

First, boil some pork ribs with some white peppercorn.

Next turn the pork stomach inside out. First picture shows the stomach when you first buy it. Second one shows how it would look like when you turn it inside out (Yes, I know it looks gross!). Then soak the inverted stomach with some salted water. Wash and Rinse (with salt), wash and rinse, kept repeating until your fingers become numb.

While you are washing, soaking and rinsing, take a small knife and scrape the stomach (the inverted part). You know you are doing it right when you see this (see picture) gooey, slimey thing on the knife. All housewives who have done this dish before will tell you that this is the nasty part. Do it well and your stomach and soup won't stink! (I know that it's a lot of work for a 70cents Pork Offals)

After you are contented with how much time you have wasted and how pruney your hands have become (
it took me about 2 hours), throw the whole damn pork stomach into your pork ribs soup and boil in low heat forever! Okay, for a long long time until the stomach is nice and tender.

Finally, take out the stomach and slice it to a desirable length and throw the stomach back into the soup.
Dish out and serve. Let your husband/boyfriend try and if he critises it, empty the soup over his head.

*Note: You can add Pork liver/Pork slices/Pork Balls with salted vegetable into the soup and serve hot with steamed rice.


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bluecrystal said...

Tip from my Mum: When cleaning the pig stomach, use loads of limes (as in the fruit, not the calcium thingy). They are very helpful in removing the stink from the organ :)

Anonymous said...

Yummy.:)Discover the nutritional benefits of Chia seeds.

ePad android tablet said...

Never tried stomach,is it any good??

Anonymous said...

stomach is very good, after boiling and slicing add some garlic,onion and some soy sauce then saute it yum yum :)

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